25 Weeks

Wow… time flies. I didn’t even realize that I’d missed my 24 week post because it felt like it had only been a few days. I’m starting to feel the we-only-have-3-more-months-to-prepare pressure. It’s daunting and thrilling all at once. There are still so many things to do, things to learn, and things we need, but I’m confident that it will all come together.


This week, baby is 13-15 inches long and between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs! It differs between sources, so that’s the range. I can’t believe how big he is getting! This week, he will begin to open his eyes and respond more to stimuli such as light, sound, and touch now that his nervous system is more advanced. Wow! His lungs are producing lots of surfactant in preparation to breathe air. He is packing on baby fat over his lean figure and gaining weight rapidly.

It’s amazing how quickly he’s developing now. I remember reading about development at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks… baby was so tiny and barely looked human. Now he looks like this:

25 week babyIt’s not only baby that’s growing these days:

25 weeks

We had a bit of a “scare” last week and ended up in Labor and Delivery. I had some abdominal pain and the contraction monitor revealed that I was having regular, mild contractions. After a shot to stop them (which didn’t work), an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok, and a few hours more of monitoring, we were discharged with instructions to rest. The contractions remained for a couple more days, but they were unproductive (yay) so I just restricted my activity for a few days and now we’re good as new.

This morning we went to a cloth diapering seminar to learn a bit more and help us make our decision between cloth and disposable. I’m glad we went – we learned a lot and now have a valuable resource should we decide to go that route.

How far along: 25 weeks!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +12 lbs (Finally hit 130… and 131… That was a bit hard to see, but I am coming to terms with it. lol)

Maternity clothes: Nothing. Fits. I don’t like ANYTHING on my belly, so I wear the loosest clothing possible and can’t wait for sundress weather again.

Stretch marks: Any day now. I can feel it.

Sleep: I sleep fine, but it’s very broken sleep. I have to move from side to side about once an hour and get comfortable again with my pillows and whatnot. My back and ribs begin to hurt if I stay on once side for longer than an hour.

Best moment last week: The baby dancing in Josh’s hand. He put his hand under my belly while I was laying on my side and baby was “standing” on his hand, jumping around. Josh could feel it all and we both just had a good time with it πŸ™‚

Movement: If I sit still and watch my belly, it jumps, rolls, and random protrusions appear and disappear on a regular basis. Baby has officially gained access to my ribcage and likes to sit propped up against my lower right ribs. Uncomfortable! It’ll only get worse from here. But no matter how uncomfortable it gets, I can’t help but smile.

Food cravings: This week I’ve had a major sweet tooth. Argh. I don’t control that very well, so I’m hoping this sweets thing doesn’t last too long.

Belly button – in or out? It’s almost flat with the rest of my belly now, so I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s a full-on outie. Band-aids on hand.

What I miss: Not feeling fat and heavy… it’s worth it but I can’t wait to get back into shape.

What I am looking forward to: Holding this sweet baby boy.

Milestones: Last week was considered “viability” – when baby would have a decent chance of survival in the unfortunate event of preterm birth. Chances go up each week after 24 weeks. While reassuring after our little event last week, baby and I have discussed that he is to stay put much longer.

Well, that’s all folks!


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